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Thursday 3 May 2018

Wood Compost Bedding Promotes Cow Comfort

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Wood Compost Bedding Promotes Cow Comfort

This video from the University of Kentucky when they opened their the new cow comfort dairy barn, shows how much fun cows have in fresh wood shaving bedding. It's part of what adds to the comfort of the cattle. 

In an article about the new facility, Jeffrey Bewley, UKAg dairy specialist said, “This type of facility does not have any stalls. Instead, cows will be able to lie down in any position they want to within the barn. This has great potential to improve feet and leg health.”

“It’s designed to maximize cow comfort. The open bedding area provides a comfortable place for cows to lie down, and the cooling features will help our animals deal with hot and humid weather,” Bewley said.

The system is similar in many ways to the type of compost bedding Hay Creek Companies creates for Wisconsin dairy farmers. Producers with these facilities are finding dry sawdust to be in short supply. Hay Creek Pallet has taken an active role in researching the composting process by discussing our product with the University of Wisconsin-Agricultural Research Station farm and the University of Minnesota Dairy Extension. Our ground product does contain a substantial amount of very fine particulate. This, along with it’s low moisture content of 12-14%, does promote excellent composting.