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Saturday 24 March 2018

Every Week is Ag Week For Farmers

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Every Week is Ag Week For Farmers

We're wrapping up National Ag Week, a week when the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C., celebrates the impact of agriculture with lunches, speeches, and dinners, and an event led by the Agriculture Council of America. Across the US, people observed Ag Day, which fell on the first day of spring this year. According to an article in Agweek magazine, "The National Ag Day Program and ACA program were both started in 1973 as a way to increase public awareness of agriculture's role in society."

The article goes on today that every day is Ag Day for farmers. What did most of them do on Ag Day this week? The same thing they do every day: milk cows, tend their fields, monitor weather, plan for the next growing season and more. Read the full article here.

Each day, farmers make decisons about what is best for the crops and cattle. We know; we're in the cranberry business and know what goes into growing a crop. We also appreciate the decisions farmers make about the wellbeing of their animals. They look for solutions that work, but that save them money, too! One of the ways we partner with cattle farmers and dairy farmers is by providing low-cost fiber bedding in bulk quantity. We use the extra dry wood from used pallets to shred into the right mulch to work for wood mulch bedding for cattle. All metal is sorted out in a 7-step process to leave just the wood fiber. Learn more about mulch bedding.

We're happy to be able to provide central Wisconsin farmers with this option for their cattle. We're also happy to know that the organic compost material goes back to the soil - a friendly solution for the environtment, too. We care about farmers year-round, not just on Ag Day, but the day and the Ag Week celebration gives us a way of remembering to tell them we appreciate what they do.