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Tuesday 12 December 2017

Wood Shavings a Warmer Bedding Option for Livestock
Wood Shavings a Warmer Bedding Option for Livestock

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Animal Bedding in the News

Wood Shavings a Warmer Bedding Option for Livestock

An article in Wisconsin State Farmer addresses the topic of caring for livestock in the cold Wisconsin winters. Because wood shavings can be warmer than straw, the article recomments blending wood shavings with straw for animal bedding in cold weather. 

“It takes more bedding for an animal to maintain its body temperature in cold weather. If your animals get wet from the bedding, they will be cold and uncomfortable,” says Olson. “To keep bedding dry, you might want to consider adding a layer of sawdust or sand underneath to help absorb moisture. While this will help absorb moisture, you will still have to keep bedding dry – it may require frequent cleaning. Mixing wood shavings and straw can also help while keeping animals dry and clean – which is especially important for young animals,” says Julian lson, DVM, technical services manager for Milk Products.

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Dry, Wood Shavings Livestock Bedding

Our wood shavings are very dry compared to industry standard for wood livestock bedding. It is lab tested at the University of Wisconsin Experimental Farm to have a 12-14% moisture content. The bedding has a fine texture consistency that is very absorbent with less dust, and it tends to hold up longer in high moisture without turning soggy as the traditional sawdust or shaving products do.

Our wood bedding is available in bulk year-round.