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Wednesday 18 October 2017

It's National Bioenergy Day
It's National Bioenergy Day

Posted at 8:00 AM

It's National Bioenergy Day

Today is the fifth annual National Bioenergy Day. On this day, organizations all over the United States and Canada – businesses, non-profits, universities, and state and local governments – showcase the many ways they benefit from bioenergy, an energy resource that needs increased understanding and public awareness. 

Led by Biomass Power Association in partnership with U.S. Forest Service, Bioenergy Day facilitates interaction between bioenergy projects and their local communities, raising awareness of the economic and environmental benefits of bioenergy.

At Hay Creek Companies, we're excited to participate in this event. Throughout the day, we will have various groups of students receiving VIP tours of the operation and having an opportunity to talk about pellet manufacturing with our CEO. We have also invited the community to stop in for an open house in the afternoon. Our goal is to build awareness about bioenergy and to have an opportunity to meet members of our community. 

As you go about your activities today, consider how bioenergy has an effect on your life. “Bioenergy” refers to the generation of electricity and heat from wood and other organic materials. In addition to serving as a domestic energy source, these industries work closely together to keep American forests healthy, support forest products markets and put organic byproducts like forest trimmings, industry byproducts and agricultural residuals to good use. 

More infomation: www.bioenergyday.com