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Monday 14 August 2017

Hay Creek Companies Owner On What Drives His Success
Tom Gardner shares what drive the success of Hay Creek Companies

Posted at 5:05 PM

Hay Creek Companies Owner On What Drives His Success

In an article published by AgriView, Hay Creek Companies owner, Tom Gardner, shares his passion for helping others and for sharing his faith with others.

PITTSVILLE, Wis. – Tom Gardner, president of the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association, operates his marshes and diversified Hay Creek business as a Christian ministry.

The mission statement on the wall of his office and business cards holds him accountable to fellow producers and his customers, employees and vendors. It boldly states Hay Creek’s focus as, “Honoring God in all we do, helping develop people, pursuing excellence, while growing profitably.”

“It gives me one day (a month) to work on our business, versus in our business,” Gardner said. “My C12 group becomes my board of directors. It’s completely changed the reason why we do business. I’m only the steward of the business. God owns the business. Everything we have comes from him and should glorify him.

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