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Saturday 3 October 2020

Wood Mulch Protects Plants from Winter Temps

Posted at 1:03 PM

Wood Mulch Protects Plants from Winter Temps

This is the season to apply mulch to gardens and flowerbeds before the winter temps arrive. An article from Fine Gardening explains how beneficial wood chip mulch can be. 

How wood chip mulch benefits your yard and garden:

  1. Builds soil
  2. Reduces need to water
  3. Helps control weeds. 
  4. Insulates plants and roots before snow cover arrives. 

The best time to apply mulch:

  • After a hard frost. 
  • Before sustained cold temperatures. 

What makes wood mulch great:

  1. They enrich soil as they degrade. 
  2. Allows for perennials to come through. 
  3. Clean and doesn't contain weeds. 

Looking for quality wood mulch? We have dealers all over Wisconsin! See the list on our website: Mulch Distrubutors

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