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Wednesday 25 September 2019

Caring Team Campaign: Care Packages for Active Duty Soldiers

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We are excited to announce our Caring Team 4th quarter community project. In appreciation of those who are serving our country, we are collecting items to make up care packages to send to those stationed overseas. Our aim is to send the boxes to the National Guard Battalion out of Abbotsford that is getting deployed to Afghanistan this fall.

We wanted to try and support a local group, and since one of our employees has a nephew serving in this battalion, we decided that this is the group we would like to send packages to. We have reached out to Pittsville Elementary School and they are going to have students make cards to include with the packages. We have also reached out to the area churches and organizations to see if they are willing to help support our troops with donations.  

Several of our employees have served overseas, so they know firsthand how it feels to be far from home. We asked them what the servicemen and women would appreciate the most. One of our employees said that he still has a manilla envelope with the cards he received from grade school kids. We take for granted the comforts of home that we have and don’t realize that something as simple as flip flops or shower shoes are something that the soldiers greatly appreciate, as their showers may be a mobile shower with wooden slats or a shower trailer. Talking to our veterans has enlightened us about the sacrifices that our troops are making for our freedom.

The dropoff location is our main office. We will be collecting until November 8.