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Monday 20 May 2019

Encouraging the Habit of Caring for Others - Free Download

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We have been giving out "Caught You Caring" awards to each other at Hay Creek Companies for more than a year. When someone sees someone else do something intentionally kind, they nominate them for one of our monthly awards. It creates awareness of the good in other people and encourages us to build each other up and not tear each other down.

We would like to encourage others to "catch" people caring. What if you gave out your own Caught You Caring awards by handing a little card to someone when you see them doing something kind? We have created a sheet of images that you can print and keep in your wallet. Just download and save the PDF file below, and print it out and cut the cards apart. 

Here are some examples of ways you might catch someone caring:

  • They held a door for someone.
  • They let someone go ahead of them in line. 
  • The waitress went above and beyond, with a smile. 
  • They paid for someone else's tab. 
  • They picked up trash that wasn't theirs.
  • They said something kind to another person.
  • They were a good samaritan and helped someone in trouble. 
  • They returned a shopping cart for someone else. 
  • They did something kind for someone else at work. 

The possibilities are limitless for ways you might see someone else showing they care. 

Download a printable page of Caught You Caring Cards

Click the image above to download a printabel sheet.

Watch for random acts of kindness that inspire you, then compliment the person with an "I Caught You Caring" card to tell them that you noticed their kindness. 

Be sure to share your results with us on social media! Let's start a caring revolution!