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Does your Wisconsin company have an abundance of wood waste?

We help businesses dispose of loads of broken pallets and skids, lumber scraps, sawdust, sawmill scraps, wooden crates and freight containers. Wisconsin Scrap Wood Recycling

Locally owned and operated in central Wisconsin, Hay Creek Companies provides wood recycling management to businesses all over Wisconsin. From pallet supply to roll-off conainters we help you manage wood waste and turn it into refurbished pallets, wood pellets for bioenergy, and wood chips for animal bedding. We've been serving customers for over 20 years, and we work to preserve the environment by providing opportunities to save forests by recycling scrap wood and urban wood waste. We have our own fleet of trucks to pick up and drop off pallets and wood material. 

Made from 100% recycled wood, our recycled products are a environmentally conscious and part of our dedication to keeping wood out of landfills. We turn wood waste into valuable recycled products. 

We can arrange scheduled pickups, automatic pickups and drop trailer service. Every piece of wood that comes into our facility is put back into use.

Pallet Repair and Rebuild

Some scrap pallets can be used for material for refurbished pallets. We build combo pallets from a combination of new and used stringers and deck boards. 

Mulch for Animal Bedding and Landscaping

This demonstration video shows the process of grinding dry wood from old pallets. This waste wood can be used for animal bedding and for use in wood pellet production. Our wood mulch for landscaping is made from 100% virgin hardwood, and not from pallet waste wood. 

The wood is ground to a fine consistency by the Rotochopper wood processing machine, and any metal is extracted through a 7-step magnetic process. 

With the machine, landscape mulch can also be custom dyed to custom colors.

We've been using Rotochopper state-of-the-art machines for wood waste recycling since 2007. We added a new electric machine in 2020. See featured media from WAOW TV News article here.

"Since the time we bought our first Rotochopper they really know you by first name. You call and they know your machine and it's really like a family." - Tom Gardner

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Jun 18
Hay Creek Companies Expands Its Wood Waste Recycling Operation

Hay Creek Companies Expands Its Wood Waste Recycling Operation

A new electric wood waste grinder at Hay Creek Companies will improve efficiency while keeping zero waste a priority. Wood pallets have been a vital part of the logistics industry in getting crucial supplies to hospitals, stores, and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. But what happens to a pallet when (more)

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