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Animal BeddingOur animal bedding shed.

Our shredded wood bedding product is produced by grinding dry wood waste from old pallet wood and other wood waste we collect. The wood is ground to a fine consistency by our Rotochopper waste processing machine, which extracts all metal magnetically.

The finished product is a very dry (lab tested at the UW Experimental farm to have a 12-14% moisture content), fine texture consistency that is very absorbent with less dust. It tends to hold up longer in high moisture with out turning soggy as the traditional sawdust or shaving products do.


Landscape Mulch

Hay Creek Companies manufactures colored and natural bark landscape mulches for use in commercial or residential landscaping. This high-quality mulch is made from virgin hardwood. We specialize in high volume bulk quantity delivery. Red, Gold, Brown and Natural Wood are stocked at our plant, while a variety of custom colors are available by special order.

Red mulch

Gold mulch

Our colored mulches are dyed with an environmentally safe colorant, that won’t harm your soil or other plants, during the entire grinding process to ensure an evenly and completely colored product. With 14 different color options, these mulches are a great choice for adding a vibrant color enhancement to your new or existing landscaping.

 To read more about our mulch or to view our color options click here.

Commercial Pallets

Our team at Hay Creek Companies is committed to solving the material handling needs of its customers. We anticipate our customers' needs, with consideration for how transportation, handling, and storage and the general marketplace will impact those needs. Staying on top of the latest innovations in the industry helps us deliver the best solutions and service to our customers. We can recondition and remanufacture used pallets for customers, in addition to making new pallets.

Heat treating of pallets is available as a service for the pallets we manufacture, and for businesses needing to bring in a load for treatment. We're happy to provided more information about heat treated pallets.

Our Pallet Inventory Management Service provides businesses with a reliable and economical solution for eliminating their damaged and unused pallets along with other wood waste that takes up valuable production space.

We provide drop trailers for you to load the waste onto, and when it's full, we drop you an empty one and haul the waste back to our plant. The load is then graded and we pay you for any pallet cores that can be reworked, at a pre-determined fair price.


Premium Wood Fuel Pellets

Hay Creek Companies supports the care of the environment and manufactures wood fuel pellets for consumer use. These wood fuel pellets are manufactured by compressing sawdust remnants from recycled pallets, as well as reclaimed wood from the lumber industry, furniture and flooring, and from forestry by-products. The wood materials used to manufacture the pellets are only recycled wood products. Thus, burning these pellets is a carbon neutral process. All wood pellets manufactured at Hay Creek Companies meet strict ash content, moisture content and heat output standards. We follow the guidelines for premium wood fuel pellets established by the Pellet Fuels Institute.

Hay Creek wood fuel pellets are supplied to our many retailers and can be purchased from the dealers in our network.


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Jan 28
Landcape Mulch Production Video at Hay Creek Companies

Landcape Mulch Production Video at Hay Creek Companies

Ever wonder how colored landscape mulch and wood fiber animal bedding is made? Check out these videos of the process at Hay Creek Companies! We use safe dyes to color the mulch, or it is left natural. 

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