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Landscape Mulch

Hay Creek Pallet manufactures colored and natural bark landscape mulches for use in commercial and residential landscaping. We specialize in high volume bulk quantity delivery using our own trucking fleet. Red, Gold, Coffee and Natural Wood are stocked at our plant. A variety of custom colors are available by special order. 

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Red mulch

Gold mulch

Our colored mulches are dyed with an environmentally safe colorant that won’t harm your soil or other plants. These mulches are a great choice for adding a vibrant color enhancement to your new or existing landscaping.



Here's an example of color differences. Move your mouse over any of the four colors on the wheel below to see how it changes the look.

Why Mulch?

If you are looking for a way to save a lot of time in the garden, look no further than mulch. Mulching your flower and vegetable bed will drastically reduce the amount of time spent weeding, watering, and fighting pests.

  • Mulch conserves moisture.
  • Mulch reduces weed growth.
  • Mulch protects plants from winter's freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Mulch moderates soil temperature.
  • Mulch reduces slope erosion.
  • Mulch improves the appearance of your garden by giving it a consistent and finished look.

Determine Your Mulch Needs

Length (Feet) x Width (Feet) x Depth (Feet) / 27 = Total Cubic Yards Needed


  • Soak mulch before or immediately after applying it to gardens.
  • Never plant through dry mulch, especially during hot weather.
  • Because dry mulch will draw moisture from the soil and tender plants, water gardens thoroughly when applying mulch.
  • Sandy soils dry out quickly and often benefit from a slightly deeper mulch layer.
  • The mulched area should cover as much of the root zone as possible.
  • Mulch naturally decays, adding valuable organic matter to the soil, so add more mulch as needed during the season.

For more information go to Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association.

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