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Monday 9 September 2019

Wood Packaging Professionals to Gather in Toronto in October

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Wood Packaging Professionals to Gather in Toronto in October

As a manufacturer of wooden pallets, it’s important for us to stay on top of industry trends, learn more about the latest technology, and connect with others in the wooden pallet and container industry. That’s why some members of our team will be heading to Toronto, Canada, at the beginning of October for the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) Fall Plant Tours.

The NWPCA and its counterpart to the north, the Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association, are sponsoring the Fall Plant Tours October 1-2 in Toronto. The four companies hosting the tour participants are Topax Protektive Packaging, Weston Forest Products, Pallet Management Group, and Woodbridge Pallet.

The tour at Weston Forest Products will also include a bonus. In addition to the company’s pallet operations, visitors will visit the company’s sister operation, Great Lakes Wood Products, which operates three mobile grinders which produce wood mulch for several industries, including landscape, bedding, and energy operations.

Seeing how other manufacturers produce pallets, recycle wood waste materials, manage shipping and logistics, and innovate with new technology will help us continue learning how we can better serve our customers. 

Plant tours help us find solutions to the some of the challenges pallet manufacturers face and discover new options for being innovative. Connecting with other wood packaging professionals builds our network and grows connections for the resources that can help us continue to provide the best products and service for our customers. 

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