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Tuesday 19 March 2019

Mulch Season Success Starts with Great Equipment
Mulch Season Success Starts with Great Equipment

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Mulch Season Success Starts with Great Equipment

Have you ever noticed that you're more loyal to brands that offer great customer service and also meet your company needs? As we move into our busiest mulch season, we know that our success depends on the reliability of our equipment and the people who service it.

In this testomonial video for Rotochopper, Tom explains why we continue to trust Rotochopper for our business needs. A big part of what we do depends on our B-66 Rotochopper machine! We use it for landscape mulch, animal bedding and wood pellets. By changing out the screens, we can easily switch from making colored mulch from new hardwood to making bedding from recycled pallet wood. 

Wisconsin Bulk Mulch Supplier

As a Wisconsin pallet manufacturer and bulk mulch supplier, we appreciate the way Rotochopper educates customers and provides service whenever a machine needs it. They live up to their claims, "Our customer support team delivers unmatched commitment to customer success. Our factory-direct support representatives are focused exclusively on Rotochopper equipment and the expertise that drives your grinding or bagging business."

"Since the time we bought our first Rotochopper they really know you by first name. You call and they know your machine and it's really like a family." - Tom Gardner, President, Hay Creek Companies

Why does this matter to us? Our own customer service depends on having our machines working and producing. By knowing that the vendors we work with have our back, it allows us to promise our customers that we can deliver. It's all part of the chain of excellence that our customers expect and deserve. 

If you're looking for bulk mulch for your home and garden, see our list of mulch suppliers. If you're a landscaper, hardware store, garden center, or excavator, contact us for info about how you can get Hay Creek hardwood mulch for your own customers.