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Saturday 11 August 2018

Gardening with Wood Chips: Restore Soil Nutrients

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Gardening with Wood Chips: Restore Soil Nutrients

Perhaps you’ve heard of Back to Eden gardening, a no-till method of gardening that uses mulch, such as wood chips, on the surface of the garden. The thick pack of wood chips is often added in the fall to give it time to start decomposing over the winter. Similar to this method is the use of wood mulch as a means of restoring the nutrients and organic matter in soil that was not good for gardening. Whether it is on raised gardens on in the paths between, this has been shown to be effective in improving garden soil. 

This video gives a demonstration of how one gardener transformed his garden soil with covering the soil with wood chips.

Why Cover Your Garden Soil with Wood Chips

Adding this shredded wood chip mulch helps to:

  1. Suppress weed activity and makes the ones that do grow easier to pull. 
  2. It helps to retain the moisture in the soil. 
  3. It creates a hospitable environment for the critters that help in creating productive soil, namely earthworms. 
  4. It helps to put nutrients into the soil as it breaks down. 
  5. It adds organic matter that loosens up firmly packed clay-like soil.

Now is a great time to plan ahead for next year’s gardening season by planning to cover soil this fall. Perhaps you’re thinking ahead to a new garden plot, or maybe you want to renovate a plot that isn’t producing as you’d like. 

Know the Facts

You may find sources on the Internet that talk about wood chips and soil nitrogen. It’s important to know the facts and study reliable sources that give examples of the exact application that you’re using wood chips for. The university extension websites in most states have many articles that help with soil science. 

It’s also important to know that the process takes time. What you start this fall with restoring soil will continue over several growing seasons as the wood chips break down. You’ll want to research the different facts about tilling or not tilling your garden that has been covered with wood chips. 

Wood Chip Mulch in Wisconsin

To find wood mulch manufactured by Hay Creek Companies, see our dealer page. Most of them distribute bulk mulch, which is perfect for a large project such as a garden. We manufacture wood chip mulch from wood waste, thus making a useful product from wood that might otherwise be burned.