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Tuesday 24 July 2018

Dry Wood Bedding Promotes Proper Composting in Pack Barns

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Dry Wood Bedding Promotes Proper Composting in Pack Barns

Our bedding product is produced by grinding dry wood from old pallet wood and other wood waste, which is both beneficial for cattle and for the environment. The finished product is very dry compared to industry standard. It is lab tested at the University of Wisconsin Experimental Farm to have a 12-14% moisture content. But what does this mean for farmers and how do they use this product?

According to an abstract from research published by the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, "The compost bedded pack barn is a housing system for lactating dairy cows. It consists of a large, open resting area, usually bedded with sawdust or dry, fine wood shavings and manure composted into place and mechanically stirred on a regular basis. The most critical success factor for managing a compost bedded pack barn is providing a comfortable, dry resting surface for lactating cows at all times. Producer-reported benefits of these barns include improved cow comfort, improved cow cleanliness, low maintenance, improved feet and legs, decreased somatic cell count, increased heat detection, ease of manure handling, increased production, increased longevity, low investment costs, less odor, fewer flies, less concern with cow size, and improved manure value."

The article explains proper barn management and design for the best decomposition of organic material. It presents considerations for farmers who want to use wood material for their organic bedding in a compost bedded pack barn. It also is educational for those who want to know more about using wood shavings for livestock bedding. 

The article says, "Keeping the top layer of bedding dry is the most important part of managing a compost bedded pack barn. Proper composting increases the bedding temperatureand decreases the bedding moisture by increasing the drying rate. The pack is stirred at least two times per day." 

From: Compost Bedded Pack Barn Design: Features and Management Considerations

Read full research article here

Hay Creek Companies has taken an active role in researching the composting process by discussing our product with the University of Wisconsin-Agricultural Research Station farm and the University of Minnesota Dairy Extension. Our ground product does contain a substantial amount of very fine particulate. This, along with it’s low moisture content of 12-14%, does promote composting.

We know that low moisture is a key factor for cattle health and for proper composting of bedding, and we work to provide the best product for farmers who use our recycled wood bedding. To learn more about how we can deliver a load of dry wood mulch bedding to your farm, give us a call! (715) 884-2930