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Saturday 4 January 2020

Broken Pallets and Fallen Trees Become Mulch and Animal Bedding with Rotochopper

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Through the technology of Rotochopper, Hay Creek Companies is able to take broken pallets and scrap wood and grind it into mulch for animal bedding. Through a multi-step magnetic process, nails and metal are removed from the mulch as it goes through the system.

We use virgin hardwood to make our landscape mulch, which means it's a quality wood product. This wood is colored during the chopping process. This demo video from Rotochopper shows how the process works. 

We offer three different colors for bulk delivery, but the machine can be programmed for custom colors, as well. This patented system injects water and colorant directly into the grinding chamber, using the force of the grinding process to thoroughly mix colorant into the wood fiber. With this colorizer system, a Rotochopper grinder can transform virtually any clean wood fiber to premium landscape mulch with the size, texture, and colors that consumers demand.

Our colored mulches are dyed with an environmentally safe colorant that won’t harm your soil or other plants. These mulches are a great choice for adding a vibrant color enhancement to your new or existing landscaping.

After the mulch is made, our fleet of trucks delivers the product to distributors all over the state of Wisconsin.