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Wednesday 7 November 2018

A Greater Purpose in All We Do

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This week, Hay Creek Companies President, Tom Gardner, is in the country of India on an annual trip to visit the widows and orphans who are cared for through Don Shire Ministries. It is a week of visiting various locations and homes to encourage and serve the people there. It's also an opportunity visit sponsored children. A portion of the sales of our wood pellets goes toward the ministry for these women and children in India, so many of you are part of this provision too. Being part of something bigger than ourselves can bring meaning and purpose to everyday life and even mundane activites.

Every so often, we might get an opportunity to serve in an even more hands-on way than just through financial gifts. This is what Tom is able to do this week. While he's away from the regular work at Hay Creek Companies for this time of ministry overseas, he's seeing God at work, even on the days when they don't have specific plans. Listen to this report he sent from India:


"And we know all things work together for those who love God and are called together according to His purpose."  -Romans 8:28

God provides purpose in our days, even though when we woke this morning we didn’t have much planned for the day.

God didn’t see it that way.

For some time, I had been messaging on Facebook with Ramana from India, as it turned out he was only 15 Kilometers from where we spent the night. It was a blessing for both him and me to have him come to the hotel just before we left for our next town.

We were able to meet in person to support him, not only monetarily but in prayer and encouragement. He is a pastor with a wife and 2 sons age 14 and 16, and he is also providing for 35 orphans. He teaches math to raise funds to support his ministry and to help provide for the 35 children. Like many Indian pastors, he is a very humble, compassionate man with a very gentle spirit.

He is thankful where God has placed him and grateful to serve others and build God's kingdom.

Next we got an opportunity to pray for the two young men who came up to get our bags. They came into our room to carry our bags saying, "Blessings, blessings, blessings," and asking Richard and me to pray over them. They had remembered us from a previous trip and knew we were Christians.

Blessings for us and them as God provides another opportunity in our day.

We are looking forward to where God will lead today and are open to each opportunity He will provide.


What will be the greater purpose that you find in your day? Who will be the unexpected person that you have an opportunity to bless? Whether at home or overseas, there are opportunities everywhere if we're open to it.