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Tuesday 18 September 2018

5 Tips for Mulching Trees

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Mulching around trees can be helpful because it keeps down the weeds and helps to keep moisture in the soil. But these tips from the experts at Davey Tree remind us tof the best way to mulch around trees. 

Why mulch? It protects the trees, because you don't have to get close to the tree with mowers and trimmers. It also means there is less competition from other vegetation for water and nutrients in the soil, because there is a perimeter with no plants over the area around the tree and its roots.

Tips for Mulching Trees

  1. You want to be sure the mulch is not up against the flare, or the stem, or the trunk of the tree. Excess mulch there holds moisture that causes fungus and smothers the tree. It leads to rotting and eventual death of the tree.
  2. Leave off the landscape cloth. We cover that in another article here. Keep up with the weeding, and add mulch annually to keep the 2-4 inch depth there. 
  3. The larger the diameter of the mulch ring, the better. If possible, mulch all the way out to the perimete of the drip line of the leaves of the tree. This is where the absorption of the feeder roots competes with grass and plants. So removing this competition is healthy.
  4. Take note of how trees are in the wild. Leaves and bark provide a thin layer of mulch, but not a thick one. A large pile is not needed. 
  5. Use natural organic mulch, such as shredded hardwood. It is healthier for the tree than synthetic options and is more like natural trees in a forest in how it feeds the tree. 

We encourage you to shop local for your quality wood mulch. We supply numerous landscapers, garden centers and hardware stores with bulk and bagged mulch. Check out the list of our Wisconsin dealers here. The colored mulch is naturally dyed and friendly to your plants and trees.