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Tuesday 15 January 2019

Premium 100% Hardwood Mulch in Northern Wisconsin
Custom Colored Mulch Available

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We're looking for mulch distributors in Wisconsin. We sell wholesale mulch, both bagged and bulk, to hardware stores, garden centers, building supply yards, landscape companies, and excavators. We're happy to do a wholesale price quote when you contact us.

  Premium 100% Hardwood Mulch in Northern Wisconsin

We're happy to answer your questions about Premium 100% Hardwood Mulch in Northern Wisconsin.

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Hay Creek Companies is a mulch supplier in Wisconsin. Hay Creek manufactures landscape wood chip mulch from 100% virgin hardwood. This is mulch that is free of harmful chemicals. The dyed mulch is colored with an environmentally safe colorant that also won’t harm your soil or other plants. Our mulch is available in bulk or bagged from any of our dealers. To become a distributor of bagged or bulk mulch in your area, please contact us.