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We have been giving out Caught You Caring awards to each other at Hay Creek Companies for more than a year. When someone sees someone else do something intentionally kind, they nominate them for one of our monthly awards. It creates awareness of the good in other people and encourages (more)

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Our operation consists of a fully automated saw room that produces our component parts, a new pallet assembly line, a repair and remanufacture assembly line, and a pallet dismantle line - all fitted with or powered by some of the latest technology in the industry. The company is a full-service pallet manufacturing operation providing businesses in the food industries, the paper industry and a variety of other industries, with reconditioned, remanufactured and new pallets. 

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For more information about becoming a distributor of bulk landscape mulch in Wisconsin, Call Hay Creek Companies at (715) 884-2930. Or to purchase it in your area, see the list of dealers on our website. 

Sunday 28 April 2019
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Animal Bedding

Our bedding product is produced by grinding dry wood from old pallet wood and other wood waste. The wood is ground to a fine consistency by our RotoChopper wood processing machine, and any metal is extracted.

The finished product is very dry compared to industry standard. (Lab Tested at the UW Experimental farm to have a 12-14% moisture content), The bedding has a fine texture consistency that is very absorbent with less dust, and it tends to hold up longer in high moisture with out turning soggy as the traditional sawdust or shaving products do.

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In an era where we often hear about sustainability, global warming, and managing forests, it’s important to know some facts about the shipping and container industry and how it uses wood. Today, we’d like to speak to it from the perspective of a pallet manufacturer and specifically as a producer of (more)